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Roof Painting


Don’t replace your roof when you can simply repaint it. Repainting your roof is a cost-effective way to revitalise and restore your roof to improve its look and functionality. Antileak Roofing’s Roof Painting services will increase the value and the energy efficiency of your Sydney property.

Before we begin the roof painting process, Antileak Roofing experts thoroughly inspect your roof for damage and make the repairs necessary to ensure the process is safe and effective. We use a high-pressure wash to clean the roof, prepare all the roof and guttering surfaces for painting, and apply an anti-fungal/mould resistance coating. To optimise your roof’s performance, we use a base coat and two layers of paint.

Because we are local and family owned, you can feel confident that Antileak Roofing professionals will take care of your surrounding property in addition to your roof.  We treat our clients like family, and their property as if it is our own.

Get all the benefits of a new roof in Sydney without the cost. Call us to find out more and schedule your free estimate.