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Roof Cleaning Sydney offers roof cleaning services in Sydney

Not only does a clean roof look better, improving the value of your home or attracting more clients to your business, it will help your roof last longer as well.

A roof is the first line of defence for any building from the natural elements. Therefore, the best way to protect your home or property is to prioritize the care and maintenance of its roof. Neglecting to keep your roof clean from mildew, algae, moss, fungus, and dirt can actually cause your roof to deteriorate.

Antileak Roofing in Sydney offers a simple and affordable roof cleaning service, specific to your roof type, including:

  • The application of a safe and effective manufacturer recommended solution that removes mildew, algae, moss, fungus, and accumulated dirt quickly and easily from all parts of your roof.
  • A pressure rinse that keeps paint from stripping away or losing its colour.
  • A treatment to inhibit the growth of new spoors.
  • Protection of landscaping around your home during the cleaning process.
  • Removal of all debris from the roof and the guttering.
  • Inspection for existing damage and recommendations for any needed repairs.

Call us at the first sign of growth or discoloration on your roof. Depending on the type of mould and amount of moisture in the air, damage can happen quicker than you think. If you wait until your roof is a mess to have it cleaned, the chance for needing repairs increases. Keep your roof clean, your property safe, and your budget on track by properly maintaining your roof.

Regularly scheduled roof cleanings with Antileak Roofing will prolong the life of your roof and prevent deterioration, leaks, and damage to your investment.